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About Everytail & the owner Emily

Emily opened Everytail LLC in 2018 to provide high-quality grooming and wholesome pet supplies. She’s been working with pets in a professional setting for over 12 years and is on her 10th year as a pet groomer. Everytail LLC is all about top-notch grooming in a relaxed environment.  Everytail’s products are hand-selected to be wholesome, high-quality, high-value, dependable and beneficial to our much loved furry friends.


Oster® Power Bather

Equipped with adjustable water flow up to 11GPM, power bathing allows for more water to penetrate the fur and remove loose fur and dirt than by hand. Dogs love the relaxing pressure and the relief a deep clean provides.

Prima® Bathing System

The Prima Bathing System mixes shampoo with oxygen and fully activates the full cleaning potential with less product. High pressure shampoo to penetrate fur in a fast and even manner. This results in less wash time, better comfort and cleaner pets.

Clipper Vac

One of the safest ways to clipper cut your cat or dog’s fur. Using a hose attached to the clipper, clipped hair is pulled away from the skin and captured in a bin which means less irritation from sharp fur clippings. The airflow also keeps the clipper blade nice and cool so it can safely be used.  The suction provided also gently lifts the fur to help create even cuts without track lines.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Our Ultra Sonic Cleaner deep scrubs our clipper blades in a multi-step cleaning and sanitation process that exceeds the standards. The cleaning action reaches down into the microscopic grains of the blades for an unmatched level of cleaning power.

K-9 III High Velocity Dryer

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to get fur dry is a high velocity dryer. The K-9 III has the range from gentle air-flow to higher flow that let’s us reach deep down against the skin to remove moisture in the thickest of coats. We have ours wall-mounted to keep pets safe.

Shoreline Kennels

Shoreline kennels are the gold standard in the industry with their use of high-quality stainless steel that is easily cleaned and sanitized. Designed without sharp edges with safety in mind.

Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Tub

This professional pet washing tub is an essential part of our salon and is wildly different than any tub we have at home. Made out of stainless steel for easy clean-up and sanitation between baths. The overhead rail is adjustable so each pet’s lead is safely secured in a comfortable position. The adjustable ramp and floor grates allow for safe entry and exit from the tub.